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CQB and Firearms Training

Options for Beginner to Advanced CQB and Firearms Training are:

  • Private Training Sessions -

Welcome to A+R Tactics, the premier destination for private tactical training. Our offerings go beyond the conventional, providing you with in-depth knowledge, practical techniques, and experience in an array of combat skills and situations. 

Our bespoke 90-minute sessions, geared towards those who prioritize personal security and tactical prowess, offer training in your choice of a pistol or rifle - all provided for the duration of the session. Each session is all-inclusive, meaning you will be supplied with marking rounds ammunition and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) without any additional costs.

You control your training journey, selecting from an expansive list of topics and skill sets. Our seasoned instructors can guide you through Close Quarters Battle (CQB), Dynamic Rifle and Pistol operation, Home Defense strategies, Vehicle CQB, Active Shooter scenarios, and much more. Whether you're looking to bolster your tactical skills, enhance your home security, or prepare for potential threats, A+R Tactics is equipped to deliver comprehensive and effective training.

Opt to train solo for personalized attention or bring a small group of up to six people to enhance team tactics and group cohesion. Our pricing structure is simple and affordable at $200 per individual per 90 minute session, or $350 for two people per each 2 hour session. For larger groups, we advise you to call us directly so that we can provide a tailored pricing solution for you.

Experience the best in private tactical training, created to serve a range of needs from beginner to advanced. Whether you're a private security professional, a law enforcement officer, or a civilian keen on enhancing your self-defense skills, A+R Tactics is your trusted partner on this journey. 

Uncover the potential within you, gain confidence, and master the skills needed to protect yourself and others. Welcome to AR-Tactics, where tactics, training, and transformation converge.

  • Group Classes -

These include scheduled in-house courses as well as guest instructor courses, prices, dates, and times listed on calendar

  • Live Fire Private Training -

Our private live fire firearms trainings, conducted exclusively at Point Blank Range, are designed to elevate your shooting skills and equip you with the knowledge and confidence needed to excel in real-world scenarios.

We offer you a unique opportunity to enhance your shooting abilities in a safe and controlled environment. Whether you're a novice shooter looking to build a solid foundation or an experienced marksman seeking to refine your techniques, our private training caters to all skill levels.

During each 90-minute training session, you'll receive personalized attention and guidance from our highly skilled instructors. They will provide you with expert tips, teach you advanced shooting techniques, and help you develop your own tactical strategies. You'll have the chance to work on accuracy, speed, precision, and improve your overall shooting proficiency.

At A+R Tactics, safety is our utmost priority. Point Blank Range offers a secure and controlled setting, ensuring that you can focus on honing your skills without any distractions. Our instructors will educate you on proper safety protocols, firearm handling, and responsible gun ownership, fostering a culture of safety and responsibility.

We understand that everyone's training needs are different, which is why our private sessions allow for a customized curriculum tailored to your specific goals. Whether you're interested in defensive shooting, competition preparation, or tactical scenarios, we will adapt the training to suit your individual needs and aspirations.

For just $200 per person per 90-minute session, you can take advantage of our private live fire firearms training and experience the difference that personalized instruction can make. 

Take your shooting skills to the next level with A+R Tactics. Don't miss this opportunity to train in a professional environment with dedicated instructors who are committed to helping you achieve your goals.


Contact us directly to reserve your spot today!

A+R Tactics' Cancellation Policy is designed to ensure efficient operation and respect for our instructors, while providing the best experience for our clients. All reservations must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance to effectively manage seating and allow others to participate. Cancellations can be made by phone at (980) 819-8790, email at, or online at We do not offer refunds, but if you cancel before the 24-hour deadline, your account will be credited for future use, offering flexibility. Please note, cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to the class will result in a loss of payment, as part of our commitment to fairness and resource optimization. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation, helping us provide high-quality services and fair opportunities for all our clients. Thank you for choosing A+R Tactics.

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