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Team of Two Private CQB & Firearms Training
Your Training, Your Choice

How about elevating your tactical skills?  Even better when done with your best friend! At A+R Tactics, we understand the strength in camaraderie, and that’s why we’ve crafted the perfect dynamic 2-hour session for you and your boy or your whole crew.

You control your training journey, selecting from an expansive list of topics and skill sets. Our seasoned instructors can guide you through Close Quarters Battle (CQB), Dynamic Rifle and Pistol operation, Home Defense strategies, Vehicle CQB, Active Shooter scenarios, TECC, and much more. Whether you're looking to bolster your tactical skills, enhance your home security, or just enjoy a fun time out with your friends, A+R Tactics is equipped to deliver dynamic and comprehensive training.

Our custom 2 hour sessions, offer training in your choice of pistol, rifle, or a combination of the two - all provided for the duration of the session.

In these private training session, a Glock 17T training pistol will be provided for use during the session, marking rounds ammo, and PPE are also included.  Bring mechanic or tactical style gloves, belt, wear closed toe shoes, and bring long loose layers, like hoodies, sweats, light jacket, loose fitting jeans, sweats, etc.   You may bring your own Glock 17 compatible holster, if you would like.  Also, if you have your own AR-!5 rifle, chambered in 5.56, that you would like to train with, just leave your BCG at home, and we will drop in a blue bolt for you when you arrive that will allow you to chamber and run marking rounds during the training. 

Bring your boy, your co-worker, or your best mate!  $350 gets two of you geared up and ready.  This special rate needs to be a duo to cash in.  Rolling deep with your crew?  Each additional squad member joins at just $175.  The initial two registrants may register online. Additional participants must call to register. 


Call for couples, family, and special pricing for groups of 6 or more!

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