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Private Self Protection Training

Self Protection Training

Empower yourself with A+R Tactics’ comprehensive Private Self Protection Training. Custom-designed, this training places paramount importance on personal safety and embraces a wide array of essential self protection elements: Mindset, Awareness, Threat Mitigation Profiling & Response, Deescalation, Prevention, and Preemption. 

Our training walks you through the mechanics of Effective Striking, providing strategic insights on defending against common strikes, chokes, and grabs. Our training is especially distinctive for those opting to train with self-defense tools such as neck knives and firearms, offering detailed sessions on Grappling for Retention and Draw.

At A+R Tactics, we believe that self-protection training begins with mindset. Our goal is to help you recognize, evaluate, and respond to potential threats and real-time conflicts effectively. We integrate elements from effective combat sports like Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, forging a robust and practical foundation for your self-protection toolkit. 

Individuals can opt for private, one-hour training sessions priced at $100 each. Enjoy our special offer: Purchase five sessions and receive the sixth for free (sessions must be used within six months).


Small group private training sessions are also available, offering a collaborative learning environment that enhances skill acquisition and confidence. Please contact us for group pricing details.

Enroll with us today and unlock your inner strength. Become your own protector with A+R Tactics.

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