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Girls' Night Out Private CQB & Firearms Training
Your Training, Your Choice

What's more exhilarating than honing your tactical prowess? Sharpening those skills alongside your best girlfriend or your whole girl squad. At A+R Tactics, we recognize the unmatched synergy of women united. Immerse yourself in a fun, dynamic, and empowering experience.  Each 2-hour session is meticulously crafted for you and your circle of dynamic ladies - meeting you where you are for an introduction to training or a deeper dive.  Have a blast and elevate together.

Tailor your training journey by choosing from a vast array of exciting topics and skill sets. With our expert instructors by your side, you can explore:

-  Intro to Pistol
- Close Quarters Battle (CQB)
- Dynamic Rifle and Pistol Mastery
- Crafting Home Defense Strategies
- Vehicle CQB Maneuvers
- Responding to Active Shooter Scenarios
- Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC)
- ...and so much more!

Whether you're aiming to amp up your security know-how, fortify your home defense tactics, or simply have a memorable outing with your girlfriends, A+R Tactics promises a dynamic and enriching experience at your pace.  No prior experience required.  Marking rounds training is an excellent format to get your start in!  You can also choose whether you want training to be a two way firing range or not - you do not have to be shot back at, and can do the entire training with just eye pro and the instructors and role players using blanks if you prefer.  We will absolutely make sure that you are comfortable, safe, and having a blast!

For our private training experiences, we provide a Glock 17T training pistol, marking rounds ammo, and essential PPE. If you are choosing to have the role players shoot back during scenarios, ensure you come prepared with mechanic or tactical-style gloves, closed-toe shoes, and comfortable layered clothing like hoodies, sweats, light jackets, and loose jeans.

Rally your best friend, colleague, or the entire brunch group! For just $350, two of you can experience tactical training in style. Remember, this offer is exclusive for pairs. Got a bigger squad? No worries! Each additional friend can join in for merely $175. The first duo can easily register online, while additional squad members should give us a call for registration.  Training sessions are 2 hours.

Special moments deserve special rates. Reach out for couple's packages, family rates, and exclusive offers for groups of 6 or more. Join us for an empowering tactical day that promises laughter, learning, and unforgettable memories!

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