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FFL Services

Federal Law requires that you only arrange a transfer for yourself.  You may NOT arrange a transfer for someone else.  After you make your purchase, have the originating FFL reach out to us to arrange our receiving of it.


We provide our transfer services to legal North Carolina residents only.


We reserve the right to refuse acceptance of any transfer firearm, in accordance with any Federal, State, and Local Laws.


North Carolina sales tax must be paid on each transfer unless it was paid at the time of purchase.


We offer transfer services for Title I firearms only.


We do not inspect or test fire any firearms that are being transferred.  Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse the return of firearms that were misrepresented by the seller.



All firearms must go through an administrative 
process before they are available for pick-up.  
You will be contacted when your firearm is ready for pickup.


We will not hesitate to refuse a transfer or report any suspected criminal activity to the proper law enforcement agencies.


When you are notified that your transfer  firearm is available for pick-up, you will need to bring your North Carolina CCH or Pistol Purchase Permit,  and your North Carolina Driver's License that displays your current residence address.  Thirty days must have elapsed since the issuance of an "original" or "duplicate" driver's license.   Your CCH or Pistol Purchase Permit must match the name and address on your North Carolina Driver's License.

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