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Firearms Prep & Handgun Fittings

Options for Beginning Your Firearms Training:

  • Private Firearms Prep Sessions - $150 - Are you brand new to firearms or would you like a refresher course?  Would you just like to learn how to handle a firearm, check to verify if it is loaded, and be able to unload and store it safely?  Would you like to train basic home defense with a firearm?  Would you like to learn how to clean and care for your firearm?   Interested in getting into firearms and need a place to start?  Schedule for this private training and we'll help you meet your training goals in a safe, non-pressured environment.  Sessions are 60 min and raining pistol and ammo used for the training are included.

  • Handgun Fittings - $150 - to be conducted at Point Blank Range.  Before you purchase a firearm for home defense or concealed carry, take the opportunity to test many and find the right fit for you.  We will meet you at the range for your lesson and you can try any pistol off their rental wall and look for the best match for your needs. (Call before booking since this will be an off-site lesson).

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