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Explore the high quality gear we provide with your every experience!  We care about all aspects of your training.


Glock 17T

Over the years, Police, Special Units, SWAT, and Military units around the world have proven that static shooting training, combined with simulated shooting training, produces the greatest benefits. The GLOCK Training Pistols were developed with the purpose of enabling reality-based tactical operations training using color marking or plastic projectile ammunition.


Force on Force MarkING Rounds

These rounds boats superior performance and reliable ballistics while leaving a distinctive mark on target.  They are lead-free and safe for indoor use, with negligible barrel fouling, no gun powder, no smoke, and no smell.  The marking media is easy to clean and machine washable.  


Force on Force Training Helmet

These helmets made by Force on Force provide complete, full-face, lightweight protection during reality-based training, to provide individuals with the confidence needed to focus on the scenario.  This comfortable helmet allows for hearing and communication during training exercises.  Users also maintain clear, unobstructed peripheral vision, thanks to large integral goggles that meet both ASTM and ANSI impact test standards. GoPros can be rented!


AR 15

Our rifles are 10.5” custom builds made by DC Designs of Huntersville, NC.  They are in SBR configuration, with linear comps, M-LOK rails, Athlon red dot scopes, red JARD triggers with 3.5 lb triggle pull.  All in all, incredible machines to run in force on force training.  With the blue bolts, they are able to fire Force on Force 5.56mm marker rounds only, and the firing of lethal ammunition is completely prevented. This makes it possible for any AR 15 rifle to be an effective training tool.  Did you hear that you can bring  and train on your own AR 15 with us?!


Condor vanquish rs 
Plate Carrier Vests

Designed for maximum protection.. With its padded interior and shoulders for added comfort and articulation, you will be able to perform at your peak.  They feature:  Emergency drag handles, adjustable shoulder straps, heavyweight webbing for modular attachments, padded mesh interior lining,  front map pocket with snap, hook and loop closure, back auxiliary pocket with hook and loop closure and adjustable cummerbund with soft armor pockets.


your required gear:

We provide all Personal Protective Equipment, Firearm, and Ammo, and you are required to bring:

-Loose fitting long sleeved shirt or sweatshirt

-Long, loose fitting pants

-Closed toed shoes (no flip flops or sandals)

-Thin, Tactical or Mechanic Style Gloves

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