A+R Training

Get your own private lesson - choosing your training focus - with our highly trained staff.


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We'd love to have you in for an exceptional,

one-of-a-kind training experience! 

Private Instruction
With Joe

90 minute private training

Ammo Included

50 min private training - Firearms Prep

Ammo Included
Private Firearms
Prep Instruction with Nicole
Home Defense
Private Self Defense
Instruction With Nicole

50 min private training - Self Defense,

Home Defense
Private Instruction 
With Altonio

90 minute private training

Ammo Included

Private Training May Include the Following and More:

- Home Defense - Private CCW Courses - Advanced Concealed Carry - Active Shooter - Vehicle CQB - Low Light - CQB - Pistol & Rifle (Beginner to Advanced) - Rifle Builds - Handgun Fittings - Live Fire at the Range - Self Defense -