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Meet Nicole Thurman
Director of the
Women's Training Institute at
Argus and A+R Tactics

Nicole is the co-owner of A+R Tactics, a co-owner of Argus Integrated Defense, an RN, and a Firearms and Combatives Instructor.  She loves working to connect individuals with information and training opportunities that can increase their ability to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. She is a Krav Maga black belt and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt with experience in teaching Krav Maga, Self Protection, Combatives, Home Defense CQB, and has participated in amateur competitions. 

As an RN, she has authored and taught Civilian Trauma Response Training curriculum extensively. Nicole is also an NRA and USCCA Certified Firearms Instructor, Simunitions Certified Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer, Glock Armorer, Red Cross Certified Instructor, and TECC Trained. Nicole loves training firearms, Krav Maga, BJJ, grappling, and combatives.

Women's Training Institute

at Argus and A+R Tactics

Real world self protection training for Women seeking to grow their ability to keep themselves and their loved ones safe through effective training, relevant resources, and mutual support.

Women's Training Institute Monthly Self Protection and Shoot House Scenario Training

Do you worry about being able to defend yourself and your loved ones? How much different would your world be if you had been taught how to trust your instincts, identify and avoid threats, de-escalate, assert boundaries, and physically defend yourself? You are worth defending. The women and girls you know and love are worth defending. Women do not ask for, cause, invite, or deserve to be assaulted. Self Protection training “...can increase your options and help you prepare responses to slow down, de-escalate, or interrupt an attack. Like any tool, the more you know about it, the more informed you are, the better able you are to make a decision and to use it.” - National Coalition Against Sexual Assault


The Women’s Training Institute at A+R Tactics, WTI, is woman-led and teaches real world self protection that is evidence-based and trauma informed. This training will answer the questions you have about your personal safety, instill confidence, teach you effective physical skills, and revolutionize your decision making abilities and mindset. The physical skills WTI teaches are based on simple principles and instinctive movements. WTI’s reality based system is designed to teach tested self protection in an easy to digest and apply manner. We will also train the emotional, and intellectual aspects of self protection, including your ability to recognize and manage fear. When violence is eminent, your ability to defend yourself is greatly affected by your ability to control your emotions. WTI teaches you to function during the stress and psychological trauma of a violent encounter. Our training progression is designed to develop mental toughness and emotional resolve and help you gain power over your own fight or flight response. WTI will not tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, but help you develop options, techniques and a way of analyzing situations and applying strategies and actions that best suit you. You will leave it prepared and with a plan for likely situations of harassment, threats, stalking, sexual or violent abuse from strangers, and more often, from someone you know.

This course will be a rotating curriculum focusing on:

  • Awareness

  • Threat mitigation, profiling, & response

  • Deescalation & Preemption

  • Defense against common strikes, chokes, takedowns and grabs

  • Defense against weapons

  • Escapes from pins against a barrier and on the ground

  • Effective Striking

  • Controlling a subject

  • Home and travel safety

  • Mitigating Fear, Mindset, and Resilience

  • Trauma Shedding

  • Civilian Trauma Response Training

  • Interaction with Law Enforcement, EMS, and Accurate Reporting

  • CQB for home defense

  • Shooting on the move

  • Defensive use of a firearm in close quarters

  • Shoot / No Shoot Scenario Training in the Shoot House

  • What to bring:

  • Comfortable clothing - we recommend no tank tops or short shorts, but shirts that are sleeved, and bottoms that extend past the knee as we will be working on the mats, against the rough walls in the shoot house, and various surfaces

  • Tennis shoes

  • Mat shoes, if you would like, as shoes can’t be worn on the mats (going barefoot on the mats or wearing socks is fine as well)

  • Water and any snacks you would like

  • Any blade trainers that you use or would like to work with

  • You are welcome to bring your own holster if it is Glock 17 compatible 

* If you do not wish to train with a training firearm, you do not have to.  You can train the unarmed self protection training and also have your scenario training in the shoot house consist of scenarios and opportunities to use empty handed, or unarmed defense.  You do not have to train with a training firearm.  

Drop-in rate $200 per session, or receive 25% OFF with a Women's Monthly Training Membership, for $150 monthly.  This Women's Monthly Training Membership also gives you a FREE Range Membership at Point Blank Range with unlimited range time at their Matthews and Mooresville locations monthly, 15% OFF any other private trainings and other memberships with A+R Tactics, and 20% OFF at the Charlotte 5.11 Store. Please let us know any questions or concerns you have. We'd absolutely love to have you in to train!

Private Firearms Prep

Are you brand new to firearms or would you like a refresher course?  Would you just like to learn how to handle a firearm, check if it is loaded, and be able to unload and store it safely?  would you like to train basic home defense with a firearm?  Would you like to learn how to clean and care for your firearm?   Schedule with Nicole for this private training and we'll help you meet your training goals in a safe, non-pressured environment.  Sessions are 60 min and a training pistol and ammo used for the training are included.  $150 per session.  Family and small group discounts available.

Private Self Protection Training

Do you worry about being able to keep yourself and your loved ones safe?  Our Private Self Defense Training focuses on several important aspects of personal safety: Mindset, Awareness, Threat Mitigation Profiling & Response, Deescalation, Preemption,  Effective Striking, and Grappling for Retention and Draw and going to higher force such as neck knives, or firearms.  We teach effective striking and how to defend against common strikes, chokes, and grabs.  Essentially, learning how to assess real or potential conflicts and danger, and how to respond. $150 per session.  Family and small group discounts available.

Handgun Fittings and Live Fire Private Training

Conducted at Point Blank Range.  Ladies, before you purchase a firearm for home defense or concealed carry, take the opportunity to test many and find the right fit for you.  We will meet you at the range for your lesson and you can try any pistol off their rental wall and look for the best match for your needs. (Call before booking since this will be an off-site lesson).  $150 per session.  Family and small group pricing available.

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