Our goal at A+R Tactics is to foster the lifesaving skills in each client to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.


Come Train with us!

A tactical training facility open to civilian, military, and law enforcement.  

A unique opportunity to train one-on-one, with your partner, or your friends, or your team, or your co-workers.

With your paid registration for the ShootHouse Experiences, or Courses,

or Seminars, A+R TACTICS provides all of your required marking rounds.





A+R Tactics  COVID-19 Response

We value your desire to learn and your safety. Here are some

of the steps we are taking to ensure your safety

while training with us at A + R Tactics:


  • Hand sanitizer stations at front desk, in bathrooms, and loadout counter

  • UV lights in the front lobby, loadout room, and swamp cooler

  • All vests and helmets will be inspected with uv light wands and sprayed with disinfectant, and then dried

  • Throat and groin protection and gloves washed daily

  • All weapons, mags, and hard surfaced equipment wiped down with sanitizing wipes after each use

  • Bathrooms cleaned and sanitized daily, with repeated sanitizing and light cleaning throughout the day.

  • Individual lockers provided to stowe personal items during training

  • Helmets available for individual purchase

  • Patrons are encouraged to bring their own water bottle


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See WHAT PEOPLE are saying


Emmerson Edmo

As a female shooter, I am so excited to find a place that I feel comfortable to train! Even as I’m learning, being challenged, and getting the valuable opportunity to train scenarios and decision making repeatedly.


Bret Taylor

Guys know their stuff. Simulations are realistic, this is not paintball, this is the real deal. Picked up some important tips in just my first hour which made me rethink my entire home defense strategy. Worth it.


R Kelly

We had a great time at A+R TACTICS! They provide an excellent learning experience, and it's a lot of fun! They provide everything you need. You just need to bring the desire to learn and have fun.


Frequently asked questions

What Gear is Required?

For our shoot training and education, we only require you to bring thick tactical or mechanics gloves and long thick clothing. If you are participating in our self-defense training and education, we can wear workout gear, but it’s not required.

What Equiptment Do you Provide?

We provide the following gear: -Force on Force™ Helmet -Neck Protector -CONDOR vest with magazine holders -Groin Protector -Glock 17 paddle holster -Glock 17 Training Pistol, made by Glock (if package purchased) -Force on Force™ Blue Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) -DC Design AR-15 Platform Rifle (if package purchased) -3 times 10 marking rounds per magazine per firearm (if package purchased)

Can I Bring my Own Pistol?

No. The marking rounds can not be shot from any standard pistol. Glock modified the pistol so no real rounds can be chambered or used with their training pistols. This is why we at A+R TACTICS went with Glock, because of their safety features.

Can I Bring my Own Rifle?

Yes. You can bring your own AR-15 platform style rifle into our facility. You will have to leave your bolt carrier group (BCG), ammunition, and magazines outside of our facility (at home or in your car.) Carry your rifle in a rifle bag/case into our facility and we’ll ensure it’ll be ready for you to use in our facility after it has been inspected.

What is Reqired to Bring my Own AR-15?

In order for you to bring your AR-15 platform rifle you will have to show your CCW/CCH (concealed carry weapon) permit or your purchase permit.

What is the Minimum Age Requirement?

18 years old. At this time everyone participating in our shooting events will have to be 18 years of age or older. However, you can participate in the self-defense classes which doesn’t include any firearms.

Do I need to already know how to shoot a firearm?

No. You do not need to know how to shoot a pistol or a rifle. All we want is for you to have an open mind and be ready to learn.

What is the biggest group you can do at one time?

8 for a standard class. All of our shooting experiences are built for 8 people at a time. We can accommodate for bigger parties, please call us at (650)822-8427 to make arrangements.

Do I need to have my CCH/CCW (concealed carry weapon) permit before taking the pistol training?

No. You are welcome into A+R TACTICS without a CCH/CCW permit.

Do you do special events (birthday parties, etc.)?

Yes. We can accommodate special events. Give us a call at (650)822-8427 and to provide us more information.

Do you offer spouse or family discounts?

Yes. We offer a 10% discount on the second purchase of your family member.

Do the marking rounds hurt?

The Force on Force™ marking rounds have an appropriate pain penalty to let you know you did something wrong.

Can I register for my whole group so I can make it a surprise?

Yes. You register and hold the number of spots you require. Please arrive a few minutes early so we can have the surprised party register and fill out the online waiver. Ensure you or they bring tactical or mechanics fitted gloves and thick long clothing.

What kind of gloves do I need to bring?

Any gloves you want to use to cover your fingers and hands. We recommend tactical or mechanics gloves.

Can I buy a pistol or a rifle from A+R TACTICS?

We partner you up with an armorer with a company to help you build out your custom rifle. (needs rewording. A lot of rewording. LOL) (I don’t want it to say selling firearms because of google parameters and you want it to go through us and not talk about DC Design.) Let the work smithing begin. Hehehe. Thanks for doing this.


Contact Us

Contact Us


588 Griffith Rd Bldg 5,

Charlotte, NC 28217

Location Coordinates:


Tel: 650-TACTICS (822-8427)

Opening Hours

Tuesday-Saturday: 10:30AM to 9PM

* Call before coming, as our doors may be locked if we are in back running a training session.  Thank you!

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