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  • Do you take walk ins or do I need to register in advance?
    Training and Shoot House Experiences are by appointment only. We are unable to take walk ins. If you have difficulty registering online, call or email us for assistance. We are absolutely looking forward to having you in!
  • What is the difference between your Shoot House Experience or Classes / Private Training?
    The Shoot House Experience is a safe, fun experience with your friends, co-workers, date night, etc. There will be brief instruction at the beginning, then we will kit you up in your PPE and begin scenarios in the shoot house. There will be a short debrief in between scenarios, but instruction is very limited. This is not a course or training. Our intention is to keep you safe and reinforce basic safety fundamentals as you enjoy the challenge of working the shoot house against your friends or our instructors. Classes vary based on stated focus. In Private Training, the focus is directed by you - and can include among the following: Home Defense, Low Light, Vehicle CQB, Active Shooter, Beginner to Advanced Pistol and / or Rifle, etc. Private Training can be done individually or in small groups.
  • How long are Shoot House Experience sessions?
    You will be in our facility for about an hour and a half, including check-in, safety briefing, and gearing up. The session itself is 45 minutes long or until you run out of ammo, whichever occurs first. More ammo is available for purchase.
  • Do you allow outside photo or video?
    * No outside video or photography once class, training, or shoot house experience begins. You are welcome to take photos and videos before and after your session. GoPro rentals available.
  • What gear is required?
    For our shoot training and education, we only require you to bring thick tactical or mechanics gloves and long thick clothing. If you are participating in our self-defense training and education, we can wear workout gear, but it’s not required.
  • What equipment do you provide?
    We provide the following gear: -Force on Force™ Helmet -Neck Protector -CONDOR plate carrier vest with magazine holders -Groin Protector -Glock 17 holster -Glock 17 Training Pistol, made by Glock -Force on Force™ Blue Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) if training with your own rifle -AR-15 Platform Rifle if doing rifle training -Marking rounds ammo
  • Do you do firearms transfers?
    No, we do not do firearms transfers. Our partner company, Point Blank Range in Matthews and Mooresville will be happy to take care of that for you.
  • Can I bring my own pistol?
    No, you may not bring your own pistol to train with. The marking rounds cannot be shot from any standard, live fire pistol. Glock manufactures the Glock 17T pistols that we use so that no live rounds can be chambered or used with them.
  • Can I bring my own rifle?
    Yes. You can bring your own AR-15 platform style rifle into our facility. You will have to leave your bolt carrier group (BCG), ammunition, and magazines outside of our facility (at home or in your car.) Carry your rifle in a rifle bag/case into our facility and we’ll ensure it’ll be ready for you to use in our facility after it has been inspected.
  • What is required to bring my own AR-15?
    In order for you to bring your AR-15 5.56 platform rifle you will need to leave your bolt carrier group at home and bring your rifle in in a closed case. We will then drop a Force on Force blue bolt in it.
  • What is the minimum age requirement?
    In order to participate in our shoot house experience or group courses, 13 - 18 year olds can take our Teen Triple Cert training with us as an individual or a group. Teens passing this certification will then be able to participate in our shoot house experience and courses with a parent or adult. Those 12 and older can participate in any of our private training or self protection classes.
  • Do I need to already know how to shoot a firearm?
    No. You do not need to know how to shoot a pistol or a rifle. We love working with those brand new to firearms up through expert level. We do training on the marking rounds at our facility and can do handgun fittings and training at our partner live fire ranges, Point Blank Range Matthews and Point Blank Range Mooresville.
  • What are the largest groups you can accomodate?
    We can accommodate groups of 25 for the shoot house experience. Please call us at (650)822-8427 to make arrangements.
  • Do I need to have my CCH/CCW (concealed carry weapon) permit before taking the pistol training?
    No. You are welcome into A+R TACTICS without a CCH/CCW permit.
  • Do you do special events, team building, bachelor parties, birthday parties, etc?
    Yes, we love to accommodate special events! Give us a call at (650)822-8427 and to provide us more information.
  • Do the marking rounds hurt?
    The Force on Force™ marking rounds have an appropriate pain penalty to let you know you did something wrong. Loose, layered clothing mitigates this.
  • Can I register for my whole group so I can make it a surprise?
    Yes, you can register and hold the number of spots you require. Please arrive a few minutes early so we can have the surprised party register and fill out the online waiver. Ensure you or they bring tactical or mechanics fitted gloves and thick long clothing.
  • What kind of gloves do I need to bring?
    We recommend tactical or mechanic style gloves.
  • Can I buy a pistol or a rifle from A+R TACTICS?
    We are a Staccato Dealer, and would love to help you get yours!
  • Is your facility available for rent?
    Absolutely. You can rent the classroom area, entire facility including shoot house, vehicle, and mat area for corporate and social events. As an NRA Instructor, you can rent our facility and gear, including our training firearms to put on your own trainings. The facility is also available for rent for airsoft, laser tag, etc.
  • What certifications do you offer?
    We offer certifications in Red Cross First Aid / CPR / AED, Stop the Bleed, and TECC training.
  • Do you offer gift certificates?
    Absolutely! You can purchase digital gift cards online, or we are happy to send a printed card as well. Call to arrange. We will make it an awesome experience for your recipient!
  • Can I sit in on classes, trainings, or shoot house experience?
    Only those that have paid the class or training fee are allowed in the training area during classes, training, or shoot house experiences.
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